Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Government Chic

The wife-to-be and I traipsed on down to the county clerk yesterday and got our marriage license, a thrilling experience marred only by the unfortunate decor and all-around strange vibes of the building itself. For starters I was taken aback by the chapel window, where a young couple was signing paperwork while dad took pictures. They soon moved into the on-deck circle for the chapel proper, a floral room that I only got a glimpse of. But mostly the space was just a delapidated exhibition of chipped formica. I was trying to think of what might be better, but all I could muster was either future it up and basically turn government offices into erstwhile Apple stores, or get some real craftsmen in there and go back to stained, lacquered wood. And no flourescents! I want to see this...

...or whatever the hell THIS is...

Photos from the excellent Early Office Museum.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Feeling?

Last Sunday I was sitting on my couch having just consumed two pieces of pizza and a spinach roll, fighting off the creeping angst that Monday was fast approaching (a feeling I don't have much any more but hit me like a ton of bricks amidst the current swirl of job, music performances and wedding prep that is filling every day on the calendar) and flipping channels. Something caught my attention on the HD music station, can't remember what it was, but then the next video came on, and while my first reaction was "these guys look like a bunch of douches" I am now officially obsessed with this song that apparently came out in 2005. And the singer is openly gay!

The Feeling - Sewn

(video embed is disabled, sadly)

Don't be afraid to shake that ass and misbehave!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Part of a Complete Breakfast...

I've been thinking a bit about those breakfasts they used to show in cereal commercials, which said cereal was supposed to be a part of. They were huge. Who ate like that? Cereal, eggs, bacon, fruit, a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk. Insanity. Nevertheless I tried to go for that this morning. First I melted gouda cheese over a fried egg on top of a small piece of whole wheat toast (butt end of the loaf). Then I had a bowl of Fruity Cheerios, which are excellent:

Overall it left me a little queasy, but has made the long wait for Friday lunch much easier. This felt like just a dry run, however. One of these days I'll really go for it.